Compass Fairs

Your expert for event and exhibition stand construction in Hamburg

30 years’ experience in exhibition stand construction
Scandinavian market leader for event and exhibition stand construction
Combination of German quality and a Scandinavian attitude to life
International corporate group with the flexibility of a start-up
Turning grand, new ideas into reality – together

Compass Fairs

Your expert for event and exhibition stand construction in Hamburg

30 years’ experience in exhibition stand construction
Scandinavian market leader for event and exhibition stand construction
Combination of German quality and a Scandinavian attitude to life
International corporate group with the flexibility of a start-up
Turning grand, new ideas into reality – together

Compass Fairs

Your expert for event and exhibition stand construction in Hamburg

30 years’ experience in exhibition stand construction
Scandinavian market leader for event and exhibition stand construction
Combination of German quality and a Scandinavian attitude to life
International corporate group with the flexibility of a start-up
Turning grand, new ideas into reality – together

“Together we make it possible!”

Experience the symbiosis of two worlds in exhibition stand construction! We bring the best elements of Germany and Scandinavia together. Following over 25 years of success in the Nordic countries, the time has come for us to thrill the German market and its customers!

So, without further ado: Hello, Hamburg!


Join the team!

Your exhibition stand builder in northern Germany

Compass Fairs GmbH can assist you with your company’s exhibition appearance, from drawing up plans to delivering your turnkey exhibition stand. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective system stand, shell scheme or a bespoken solution, we can provide everything you need!

Our experienced team will always find the ideal solution for your needs, allowing you to focus on engaging with your customers.


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Set your Compass with us on professionalism, success and Cooperation!


System solutions:
As a flexible, cost-effective solution, system stands can be adapted with a range of standard components to meet your requirements. This way, you ensure maximum visibility for your brand. Looking for a real eye-catcher? We’ll help you find the perfect stand.

Customised packages:
We produce a unique design concept specifically tailored to your requirements. Every aspect is made to measure, which means you get the perfect exhibition stand to present your brand.

Joint appearances:
Seize the opportunity of showcasing your brand at leading international exhibitions. We can create joint exhibition stands, which represent a more affordable way to showcase your company. Benefit from a smooth, professional exhibition appearance with a comprehensive service package.

Put your brand in the spotlight:
We draw on state-of-the-art visualisation technology to turn your vision into a real head-turner. It’s the perfect way to create a truly individual brand presence.

Premium aluminium frames:
Ensure your banner has everything it needs to attract attention: we offer all types of banner frames and exhibition walls.

Where the magic happens: this is where we create magnificent stands for every occasion.


we’re here for you

Exhibitors & individual customers

Do you need a stand for an exhibition in Germany? Perhaps you’re looking to attend a trade fair elsewhere in Europe? Every event space has its own specific features and characteristics. We’ll work together with you to design your stand. Whether

large or small,
a unique design with every detail tailored to your company and its products or a tried-and-tested, modular system,
we’ll support you at everything from in-house trade fairs to international exhibitions.

And, of course, we’ll bring all the equipment and accessories an exhibition stand requires. You don’t need to worry about furniture, power, flooring, audiovisual technology or anything like that.

We’ll implement your specifications and show you just how well high-quality German workmanship pairs with the Scandinavian approach to life.

Organisers of exhibitions, events and congresses throughout Europe

Do you organise international events? If so, you’ll know from experience that success depends on making sure a number of experienced service providers work together seamlessly.

Not only do our experts see things from customers’ and service providers’ perspectives, they also have first-hand experience of organising events and exhibitions!

We are at your side as your dependable partner and will take care of whatever you need. Are you looking for…

Novel ideas and systems
New materials
Maximum flexibility (including finding solutions at short notice before exhibitions)
Greater awareness and implementation of sustainability
Different stand concepts, from meeting booths to VIP lounges

Benefit from a unique blend of expertise: Born in Scandinavia – Made in Germany!

Exhibition and congress centre operators

Do you rent out your venue to events organisers for exhibitions, events and congresses?

We offer our expertise in exhibition set-up and all aspects of technical implementation – so that you can focus on your core business.

We’ve been working with a variety of exhibition and congress centres across Scandinavia for many years, impressing with our repertoire of services:

Stand construction packages
Special stand solutions
AV technology
Suspended structures and other installations

We coordinate with the other contractors on site to ensure that the event runs as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible. This ensures that your facilities remain attractive and modern, ready for future events.


from the initial idea to the finished exhibition stand

At Compass Fairs GmbH, we offer the full range of services to ensure that your appearances at exhibitions and events in Hamburg, throughout Germany and internationally are a complete success. Our services include:

Individual stand concept creation and configuration
Exhibition stand construction and design
Event management and organisation
Graphic design and printing services for marketing materials
Audiovisual technology and lighting
Logistics and transport solutions
Direct coordination and communication with other contractors


We cover the full service spectrum, from the initial idea and designing your exhibition stand to installing the finished product on site – and, if you wish, packing it away ready for reuse.

We’ve briefly outlined exactly what this involves, broken down into individual steps.

As an experienced exhibition stand constructor, we know that exhibiting at an event is a complex undertaking and requires a seamless combination of various different factors and contributors. At Compass Fairs, we provide comprehensive consultancy and collaborative planning in line with your wishes and taking account of the specific circumstances. By building a transparent and open relationship with you, we ensure we have a complete overview and also retain the flexibility to incorporate requests for changes, even at short notice. Against this backdrop, we provide unique, high-quality solutions that deliver a high return on investment and secure long-term customer loyalty.

1. Project planning

As an exhibition stand constructor, this is where we let our creative juices flow. We use state-of-the-art visualisation technology to turn your vision into a real eye-catcher. Whether it’s a bespoke stand design or a modern system stand, that’s your decision. And, of course, we’re happy to give thought to the right accessories and additional equipment.

2. Developing the stand design

When we design your exhibition stand, reflecting your branding, products and values is a top priority. We combine modern graphics with advanced, sustainable production methods. Upon request, we can also put together suitable graphics for you and print templates for your stand, its walls and your promotional material.

3. Graphic design

Sustainability is an increasingly central part of our work. With this in mind, we use furniture and materials from our own warehouses or produce them in our own metalworking and woodworking shop. We rely on long-standing, experienced partners to realise special requests.

4. Producing the stand

In addition to designing, delivering, assembling and dismantling exhibition stands, if you wish we can also store your stand and transport it to your next exhibition, whether in Germany or abroad. We rely on our in-house logistics processes and proven international partners to ensure that your stand is transported sustainably. We offer your everything from a single source – swiftly, flexibly and cost-effectively!

5. Stand storage & logistics


Compass Fairs

Our exhibition stand construction firm has operated across Scandinavia for over 25 years, becoming a market leader in exhibition organisation, exhibition stand construction, logistics and venue management.

Since 1997, Compass Fairs has organised its own exhibitions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In 2022, the exhibition stand builder Standesign, based in Nyborg, Denmark, became part of our corporate group. We also produce and supply our own flooring solutions for exhibitions and events. We established Compass Fairs GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, in response to growing demand for exhibition stand services from new and existing customers in the world’s largest trade far market.

In keeping with our mission statement – “Together we make it possible” – we aspire to become the Number One partner for exhibition and event stands in Germany. We turn ideas and visions into reality, collaborating closely with our customers and following the Scandinavian attitude to life for which we have become renowned.

As a specialist in exhibition stand construction, we always strive to see things from our customers’ perspective and create a memorable impression. See for yourself!


The best of both worlds

What makes us special as a partner? What sets us apart from other exhibition stand manufacturers?

Germany is the world’s largest market for exhibitions, congresses and events. It is characterised by its strong market potential and its robust, cosmopolitan economy. Germany is, in particular, a key driver of new technology and places a strong emphasis on sustainability and reliable quality.

What comes to mind when you think of Norway, Sweden and Denmark? You might think of…

Fjords and mountains
Hospitality and Midsummer festivals
Honesty and respect
Happiness and composure
Open-mindedness and nature
Creativity and design

We blend our strong German characteristics with this unique Scandinavian mindset, combining them in every aspect of our work.

We want you to be more than just satisfied with our products and services: we want you to experience hygge, a Danish concept that describes a particularly comfortable, contented sense of mind.

In short: We want you to feel that you are in good hands with us. This is the only way to ensure we can collaborate effectively – and turn your vision into reality!


Individuality and uniqueness:
As a specialist exhibition stand builder, we develop individual, customised solutions for your event and exhibition appearances. We’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices are top priorities for us when designing and constructing exhibition stands. Are you looking to ensure your next exhibition appearance reflects your environmental responsibility? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We take account of sustainability at every step, from designing exhibition stands to transporting them, assembling them at events and storing them for later reuse.

Our experienced team of experts guarantees that our services meet the highest quality standards in design, construction and service – in keeping with the latest guidelines and insights.

Mentality and lifestyle:
Our Scandinavian mindset is reflected in our composed, innovative approach. We aim to foster potential customers’ trust in your company, your brand and your services – and encourage them to do business with you. Together we can make the impossible possible.

We believe in the power of collaboration and communication. These aspects are front and centre of our work with every customer. This enables us to implement your visions and ideas as effectively as possible when designing and constructing your exhibition stand.

Data security:
Your data is safe and secure with us. We comply with the latest regulations from the GDPR and make swift adjustments to any reforms in this field.

Timely delivery:
Our team of technicians will fully assemble your stand on schedule and hand it over to you personally.

Event support:
We’ll never leave you high and dry: we provide constant support throughout all events and fulfil your requirements.

We ensure sustainability in exhibition stand construction

Why are we a premium partner in terms of sustainability? How can we ensure your exhibition stand is sustainable?

Sustainability is a central aspect of exhibition stand construction, now more than ever. As an experienced, leading exhibition stand builder in Scandinavia, Compass Fairs is now bringing these values to Germany.


Environmentally friendly materials and practices

At Compass Fairs, we rely on sustainable materials and environmentally friendly practices. We are committed to an environmentally responsible approach every step of the way, from selecting materials for your stand to transporting it and assembling it at the event. In doing so, we actively contribute to reducing environmental pollution.


Efficient planning and logistics

Our many years of experience enables us to plan and implement exhibition stands efficiently. Thanks to meticulously planned logistics with our own fleet and precise coordination with selected, long-standing partners, we can minimise resource consumption and reduce carbon emissions.


Individual, sustainable stand design

We design every exhibition stand to our customers’ specific requirements. This includes integrating elements into the design that promote sustainability – for stands that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. In addition, we regularly replace worn-out materials to conserve further resources. We produce our own exhibition carpets and collect them for subsequent use in an in-house recycling process.


Sustainability as a common goal

We collaborate closely with our customers to implement their ideas and visions for their stand in a sustainable manner. By working together, we help to promote sustainability and demonstrate that exhibition stand construction and environmental protection can go hand in hand.


Responsible storage and reuse

Once the event is over, we can store your stand for you if you wish. We rely on reusable elements and materials, which improves your sustainability credentials beyond a single exhibition.

With our experience, commitment to sustainable solutions and efforts to enhance efficiency, Compass Fairs is a dependable partner for sustainable exhibition stand construction in Germany. Together we make it possible to ensure your next exhibition appearance is successful while also protecting the environment.


from the world of exhibitions and events

What’s new at Compass Fairs and in the wider industry? What exhibition projects do we have in the pipeline? And which upcoming events might interest you? Check out our News section to find out.


Still need a little more convincing?
Maybe our satisfied customers will help you make your decision.

Florian Dreier

Head of Sales

Spobis GmbH

Working with you was very good, it was fun… Looking forward to more!

Jakob Grausenburger

Head of Sales

EHF Marketing

Very professional, very intensive and competent exchange with Compass Fairs helped us a lot!

Michael Drotleff

Director Commercial Accounts


Excellent cooperation with Compass Fairs, communication accurate and fast. With competence and calm…

Janina Smits

Marketing Manager

Riedel Communicaitons

Technically very well done, special requirements implemented without any problems. Everything worked out great, very satisfied!

Fin Lübbers

Head of Marketing


Home game! Always got help immediately, super valuable advice from the contact persons of Compass Fairs!

Lena Siemers

Consultant CTS


First time working with Compass Fairs – highly recommended! Cooperation very appreciative and productive, very well advised. We are very, very happy!

Cindy Schluck

Head of Marketing

Egocentric Systems

Pleasant cooperation with Compass Fairs. Advice really helped, everything worked great!


Together we can make your event a success

Years of experience hosting our own exhibitions and events made us specialists in the planning, construction and implementation of congresses and exhibitions. Drawing on our expertise, we aspire to establish ourselves as a renowned exhibition stand builder in Germany in the future.

We earned our reputation by assisting at numerous events. Every year, we organise exhibition stands and appearances on behalf of organisers at over 150 events. These range from large-scale exhibitions to smaller events. We provide reliable stands, furniture and services.

As an exhibition stand builder, our role is to contribute to an outstanding success. By choosing to work with us, you benefit from a professional, specialist partner characterised by excellent customer service and a solution-oriented mindset.

We implement your requests and requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, turning your event into an unforgettable experience.

Looking to make your exhibition the best it can be? Together we make it possible!


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Set your compass for success, satisfaction and German-Scandinavian cooperation. Get in touch with us and make your next exhibition appearance a roaring success.

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