Egocentric Systems with exhibition stand from Compass Fairs at Spobis in the CCH

Egocentric Systems from Dresten offer software solutions for event organizers. Through the collaboration with Compass Fairs, their first trade fair stand was realized at the Spobis sports conference in the CCH Hamburg.

Translated transcript from the video:

“I’m Cindy Gulp. I am Head of Marketing at Egocentric Systems. We are a start-up, I still like to say, from Dresden and offer software solutions for event organizers that enable them to further expand their ticketing, marketing and sales.

We have already been participants at Spobis several times, back then in Düsseldorf, and here now in Hamburg. We are there for the first time as stand holders, i.e. as Expo partners, and we worked together with Compass Fairs.

So the collaboration was very pleasant. My contact person was Christel Kreiner, who was always open to questions and advice, because especially when you have a stand like this for the first time, you are a little unsure about what is right. It’s not all that comprehensible in terms of size and the advice really helped to get a feel for what makes sense at our stand and what doesn’t.

Our stand is small but nice, I say. We just looked at what made sense and wanted to have a screen on top of the package we had, that wasn’t a problem. We wanted to have a little activation. In this case we decided on a popcorn machine. And it all worked well in the end.”

If you also want a stand construction partner you can count on, get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project!

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