EVENTIM Sports GmbH about their first collaboration with Compass Fairs


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Translated transcript from the video:

“I’m Lena, I’m a consultant at EVENTIM Sports. We are a SAAS provider of ticketing software and have customers from the sports, festival and arena segment. We also wanted to reflect and visualize this at our stand at the Spobis trade fair. We used a stadium image to give our visitors the feeling of entering a stadium, a symbol of our main industry, but also want to show that we can do much more than just sport.

We took part in the construction of the stand at Compass Fairs for the first time, but it was an all-round package, highly recommended! The collaboration was uncomplicated, productive and very appreciative. We are very happy with the result. We received excellent advice in the course of the decisions we still had to make. We also received good advice when designing the wall, which was the first time for us, so that we could hand in our graphics with a very good feeling and also knew, OK, if something isn’t right, someone will take a look at it again. That was a big relief for us. We’re just very, very happy with how it went.”

If you also want a stand construction partner you can count on, get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project!

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